Mo Belal
Resilience after adversity
Thursday, April 11 | 18:30

In February 2021, Mo suffered a spinal cord injury that led to paralysis after a cycling accident. After multiple operations and eight months in hospital with over 1000 hours of rehabilitation he returned to his career as a urological surgeon.

Mo will share his insights from his injury, the journey back to work and the importance of hope in the recovery process. Mo will also share his personal experience of being on the ‘other side’ and the importance of communication as a clinician. He will also discuss the importance of hope, positive attitude, and the lessons learnt to overcome his life changing spinal cord injury.


Leo Cheng
Solutions for global surgical crisis
Friday, April 12 | 08:00

Are we here to be a money-making machine and to work hard towards professional success?

In his inspiring keynote, Leo Cheng will walk participants through his personal journey to significance and how volunteering with the Mercy Ships led him to the road of significance.

When we use our life energy in the pursuit of recognition, wealth and pleasure, we can be considered successful.  However, when we define our personal success as adding value to the lives of others, we are on the path of significance.  Working in high-income countries and serving aboard the Mercy Ships to bring hope and healing to the forgotten poor in Africa can bring these two paths together.  

As Winston Churchill observed, ‘we make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.’


JP Hong
The innovation journey of reconstruction
Friday, April 12 | 15:10

As healthcare providers, we are all talented people. But why can't we all innovate? Is this something that is innate or something that can be learned?JP Hong believes we all have the potential to innovate. It is a matter of unlocking the curiosity we all once had. Once you start to ask questions and challenge the status quo, this is already the first step made toward innovation.

Much of this practice is based on anecdotal knowledge and it is up to us to validate, build logic and make the practice better the day before. At Asan Medical Center University of Ulsan Plastic Surgery department, they continuously ask questions to find the most logical answer. This quest has led to the idea of supermicrosurgery (using sub-millimeter vessels for reconstruction) such as perforator-to-perforator anastomosis, finding new planes to elevate flaps, further understanding of anatomy and physiology of flaps, new solutions to surgically treat lymphedema and now moving into the realm of cybernetics. And it all started by asking "why?".

JP Hong will be share his journey of innovation for lower extremity reconstruction and the insights that he has learned to reignite the potential locked in oneself.


Eduardo Rodriguez
Gender affirming surgery
Saturday, April 13 | 08:00

Experience gained in the treatment of complex congenital and acquired facial deformity has provided a unique platform for advancing the field of facial reconstruction. Fundamental principles of aesthetic and craniofacial surgery have also blended to improve the quality of life for patients. This surgical practice provides a unique avenue for the restoration of appearance and function for individuals with gender dysphoria.

During his keynote talk, Eduardo will briefly go over the scope of Facial Feminization Surgery (FFS), discuss the pre-operative evaluation and post-operative care, detail important FFS clinical pearls and show representative FFS cases.

Gabriele Millesi

Gabriele Millesi
Journey to professional happiness
Saturday, April 13 | 14:00

There is no professional happiness without basic mental happiness. Gabriele Milesi will take the audience on a journey to explore where happiness comes from, starting with a neurophysiological explanation to a very simple analysis of everyday behavioral patterns that create happiness. The philosophy behind this idea is based on the Scandinavian way of happiness, which relies on Lagom, Fika, Hygge and other regional inspirations that have a great impact on our well-being in our daily lives and work environment.

During the second part of her keynote, Gabriele will discuss the drawbacks and advantages in our professional lives and how to deal with them in an emotionally stable state. Gabrielle says “respect and success are the fuel of professional happiness, but they cannot be taken for granted. Respect and success need conscious consideration and additional support from mentors, considering specific gender situations based on the current Global Gender Gap Index 2023.