Empowering the next generation of surgeons

Whether you are a surgeon just starting your career, or already a more experienced professional with many hours in the operating room (OR) behind you, this event can take your career to the next level with the help of some of the most foremost craniomaxillofacial surgeons in the world. It's where the field's ultimate rock stars come together and share their best-kept secrets with you. FACE AHEAD 2020 offers you the unique opportunity to interact with your peers and build relationships with a global group of CMF experts.

In the spirit of knowledge exchange, FACE AHEAD 2020 is rooted in surgeons' desire to share, learn and grow in an open, relaxed environment. This two-day event promises intense discussions, keynotes and networking with professionals pursuing excellence in the OR.

If that's not two days well spent, what is?

Focus on personalized medicine

We are at a crossroads in medicine and CMF surgery. New technologies in regenerative medicine and genetics, virtual surgery and robotics, and complex tissue transfer promise personalized and minimally invasive solutions for CMF patients.

FACE AHEAD 2020 will help you to understand and critically assess the relevance of these new ideas and developments and teach you the skills necessary to succeed in your
surgical education and surgical practice.

The 2020 summit

At the 2020 edition of the summit, our all-star line-up of speakers will help you tackle topics on innovation and reconstruction from the perspective of personalized medicine.

As a participant you can look forward to an excellent summit experience that will allow you to focus on soaking up inspiration and concentrate on creating new connections with bright-minded, high-level professionals.

The event will be livestreamed worldwide to viewers, allowing them to take part in the action virtually. This will add another dimension to the event, taking it far beyond the constraints of the summit venue.


Organized by AOCMF

AOCMF is the global academic community's leader for innovative education and research in craniomaxillofacial care, inspiring lifelong learning and improving patients' lives. AOCMF delivered excellent surgical education to over 7,000 surgeons around the world through 130 courses in 2018 alone. This global community of craniomaxillofacial professionals includes specialties like oral and maxillofacial, plastic surgery, ear, nose and throat, ophthalmology, neurosurgery, and general surgery, as well as researchers and educators.