Jill leads the research program in the field of regeneration medicine at Stanford University. Responsible for multiple research programs composed of international and national collaborations, and educating future clinicians and scientists, Jill believes education is the single greatest tool to improving human health. She is committed to transforming the way people think about science and emphasizing its contribution to their daily lives.  Jill Helms

Beauty, reconsidered

Friday, March 27 | 14:30-15:00

For millennia, we have vigilantly scrutinized and catalogued craniomaxillofacial deformities. Only in the last few decades have we found new clues as to how tissues and molecules interact to form the face, and how those same molecular pathways may be harnessed to stimulate tissue repair and regeneration. But while this work continues, we also need to recognize how differences in facial anatomy deeply impact an individuals’ self-perception, as well as their acceptance in our beauty-conscious society.

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