A master of craniofacial care, Eduardo is the world-renowned plastic surgeon who completed the most extensive and comprehensive full face transplant in history.

He's always had an interest in finding solutions to difficult problems and this pursuit has led him to the position that he currently resides. The ultimate goal is that those we mentor will be better than we are to provide faster, safer and more cost-efficient care.

He leads NYU Langone’s vascular composite allotransplantation (VCA) program, which encompasses face and limb transplantation. Two face transplants have been performed at NYU Langone since the program was established in 2014 and have been widely recognized for their superior outcomes. The success of these procedures has not only enhanced the quality of life for his patients, but will advance the field for future patients.




Saturday, March 28, 16:00-16:30

Experience gained in the treatment of complex congenital and acquired facial deformity has provided a unique platform for advancing the field of facial reconstruction. Fundamental principles of aesthetic, craniofacial, and microsurgery have also blended together to improve the quality of life for our patients.  Additionally, innovative technologies including the combination of computer-assisted planning and intraoperative navigation have provided innovative solutions to previously unpredictable problems. The advance of medicine and dentistry has allowed facial transplantation to become a clinical reality; however, immunotherapy remains one of the leading obstacles to its widespread acceptance. The creation of a comprehensive and multi-disciplinary team provides the avenue for the restoration of human appearance and function for individuals with devastating composite facial disfigurement.